A Visit to Soaltee Dining

Sometimes your taste buds are just itching for a different taste but you’re in Japan. What are the chances that there are restaurants that serve other food aside from sushi? Huge. Japan has a lot of different restaurants that would satisfy your cravings. Whether it’s Chinese, Italian or what have you, you just have to look harder to find one.


There’s this one time that I craved for Indian food and found Soaltee Dining. I’ve tried this one before and believe me, it left me craving for more. So one day I went in again to favorite Indian restaurant which is 5 minutes away from my home, which makes it more convenient.

I actually have two favorite places to eat near my place: Soaltee Dining and Square Cafe.

After the first time I ate at Soaltee, I noticed that I have been coming in almost every day, like an obsessed fan. But believe me, the food here is really good. Well when it comes to food sometimes I’m such a weirdo, if I like something a lot I can eat every single day the same stuff till I get bored.




The place is very cozy and the staff are very friendly and welcoming, which are just a few of the reasons why I always come back. I love places where you can have lunch or dinner and just feel like you’re at home. Every Friday at 8pm they always have a little belly dancing show which is really nice, and if you want to catch the performance, you should come early to get the best seat in the house table. They do parties, and there were probably a few times that they greet and celebrate birthdays and other special occasions.

I have tried many Indian restaurants here in Tokyo, from cheapos to very fancy ones, and this place so far is the best one. Prices are reasonable about 20 dollars per person, you can already have a very hearty meal that includes beverages. I guess the only thing to worry about when you eat here is that you’ll tend to eat a lot. The food is so delicious and I particularly love Naan bread, as well as cheese breads and those simple ones they have on the menu. And since it’s an Indian restaurant, the curry is a must-try, which goes really good with Naan bread.


Chicken butter curry (my favorite)



Naan bread – love this one!



Masala shrimp curry

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Juste Janusauskaite

I'm a 24-year old Lithuanian girl living in Tokyo. My life is pretty crazy, but very happy. I used to live in Dublin, Ireland and in London, England for a while, and I am now living in Japan which I love very much! I'm very lucky that I have opportunity to live here, Tokyo is one of the the most amazing and weirdest cities in the world. My blog is about stuff I'm passionate about, things which inspire me and other charming discoveries along the way.

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