A Different Dining Experience at Donryu

My husband and I was lucky to find this interesting restaurant around our area. We were actually trying to find a cool place to eat, something new, so we ended up going a little further.

We ended up in a really nice area full of restaurants and bars, almost all of them Japanese style. After a few hours of browsing, we finally gave in to our hunger and ended up in Donryu. This tiny restaurant is located in a basement, and from outside, it looks far from fancy. But what made us decide to come inside was their menu, which was a big one, placed near the entrance. Apparently, this small space has so many things to offer, starting from meat sticks to drink deals. It had me at “drink as much as you want for 880 yen” and we found more than that.


It may not be a high-end restaurant or bar, but when we entered, it feels like a really cozy place. The food and drinks are worth it, especially if you have great company with you.


The chairs were made from plastic boxes or old beverage cases, and top was a thin cushion that can make you a bit comfortable while you’re eating.



We ordered frog. Some people may find it weird, but when you taste it, it kind of taste like fish or chicken. Some countries cook frog legs and serve it with cold beer.


We also had chicken hearts on sticks, which were surprisingly delicious.


However, one of the best things I’ve tasted is their deep fried cheese.



There were also chicken pops on sticks, and meat balls on sticks, like a lollipop.


We also ordered Edamano or soy beans, which is a great and healthy snack.


But the dessert blew me away: a tower of pancakes with ice cream. I know others may prefer pancakes in the morning, but this restaurant serve pancakes any time of the day. With only a little amount of money spent, Donryu is definitely bookmarked in my head and we’ll surely come back here for the food and ambience.


Author of this article

Juste Janusauskaite

I'm a 24-year old Lithuanian girl living in Tokyo. My life is pretty crazy, but very happy. I used to live in Dublin, Ireland and in London, England for a while, and I am now living in Japan which I love very much! I'm very lucky that I have opportunity to live here, Tokyo is one of the the most amazing and weirdest cities in the world. My blog is about stuff I'm passionate about, things which inspire me and other charming discoveries along the way.

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  • leslie nguyen says:

    Thank you for this read! All you can eat…my kind of place 😛 That is cool you have to go into the basement heh.

  • champagne joy says:

    Can you post the restaurant’s address please?


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