Sex and Tacos: We’re Getting Spicy at La Jolla

August 21st, 2013By Category: Food & Dining

Hey you guys: remember the time Anthony and I did that video in Yokohama? It was super fun, and a great opportunity to get to know both him and the ACTV crew . It was a long shoot, but an uber professional one—the conversation didn’t get much steamier than, “Oh hey, my girlfriend wants to move here one day.” And, as everyone knows, good salsa makes your walls come down, so Mr. Joh and I got real about bad dates over some serious Mexican at a place called La Jolla in Hiroo.

The secret ingredient must be crack.

The secret ingredient must be crack.

La Jolla made me homesick. This intimate little joint is just a minute walk from Hiroo Station. Clean, but with just the right amount of dive, La Jolla serves up the complete rundown of Mexican that a California girl craves: homemade guacamole and fresh salsas with the best homemade chips ever (so freaking good), enchiladas, burritos (which really, they don’t serve in Mexico but in Cali we love ‘em), those giant 90,000 calorie tacos salads (but it’s a salad so it’s ok), and tacos. TACOS. After our chips came I laid right into Joh about his past love life.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

“When I lived in Bangkok I was helping a friend who had a matchmaking service, and ended up going on a blind date. I had no idea who this person was – I got no information on her ahead of time, as I was waiting in the restaurant my date emailed me that she was going to be late and so I emailed my friend to get some 411 on my date. And sure enough my friend emails me the info right at the moment that my date showed up.

So since I know nothing about my date I start asking her general get-to-know you questions. However this didn’t go over too well with her because apparently she knew all about me and wasn’t too thrilled that I didn’t know anything about her. Every question I asked about her was answered with an eye roll and “didn’t you already know this about me?” And for some reason she didn’t find it funny when I mentioned that I know she can’t show up on time! Anyway the date was a bust and I was ready to walk out right there but I thought of my friends business so I managed to stay through an incredibly awkward dinner.

So… no sexy time?

“Hellll no. After dinner as we were walking out of the restaurant she actually asked me where we were going to go next. I told her, “well I don’t know where you’re going but I’m going home. c-ya!”

Ouch. We’ve all had them. The date you can’t wait to get out of. After our food came, and it was my turn to spill.

Let's get it ON.

Let’s get it ON.

Anthony got the chicken and cheese quesadilla. With sour cream and that magic guac I have to admit… I think he out-ordered me.

Mine is a classic carnitas tacos plate. It was super tasty, but I kept eyeing his. It looked really good… and he’s a slow eater.

Ok, what’s yours?

Long story short: It was an OKC date back in San Francisco (don’t judge). The guy picked me up at a café and as soon as I got into the car, he told me to be quiet so I could “learn” about how to live my life by listening to Tony Robbins. Hey if you’re into that kind of thing, all power to you, but really, is this how you start a date? “Hi, nice to meet you, now let me change your emotional DNA.” By the middle of dinner he was planning our weekend trips together (WTF?), telling me what I should wear (…) and asking me how I like my eggs (because he clearly was so irresistible I was going to sleep with him, right?). The kicker? Two of his friends “happened to be in the neighborhood” and joined us at the end of dinner for dessert. WHO DOES THAT. I made up an excuse and got the hell out of there.

Self-help and scrambled eggs aside, Anthony and I had an awesome dinner at La Jolla. He’s off the market, and I’m on an online dating diet, so for both of us, getting down on some La Jolla made perfect sense (it’s Freudian—look it up). With a full menu, authentic fare, and a location that’s easy to get to, it’s the spot to check out for a taco-night freak fest.

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Writer/model/actor by day, English teacher by night. When she’s not stalking beauty trends or giving model advice on her blog, she can usually be found in the Shimokita thrift shops or eating more than a reasonable amount of green tea Galbo minis.

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