Sunny Diner is The Real Fake Deal

November 29th, 2013By Category: Food & Dining

The movie Ghost World rules for two reasons: 1) the music is cool, and 2) the main character is obsessed with a fake 50’s diner.

photo: unrealitymag

photo: unrealitymag

Pulp Fiction has an excellent one too.

Jack Rabbit Slim's

Jack Rabbit Slim’s

Fake 50’s diners are an American institution, dating back to… err… the real 50’s diners? I love them because they’re comforting. You know what to expect. The vinyl booths. The giant plastic menus. The nostalgia-covered walls. The food is usually just okay… but somehow it’s extra satisfying because you’re eating fries in a fun, familiar space and that alone tells you it’s all going to be okay. I found a little nugget of Americana on a neighborhood walkabout in Kita-Senju. A place by the name of Sunny Diner.


Sunny Diner is exactly what you want when you want in the fake 50’s diner experience. There’s a Mr. Potato Head. And a Kewpie Doll. And red vinyl tuck-and-roll booths. The girls wear super cute waitress outfits. There’s kooky stuff all over the walls. This alone will be enough to warrant eating average-tasting fries and a Coke. But here’s the thing… the food is flipping delicious.



I ordered the bacon cheeseburger with fries (¥980) and a ginger ale (¥450). I thought 450 for a ginger ale was a bit much until I saw the size of it.


Yep. They do it American style.


And despite being a fake 50’s diner fan, I’m not a “burger lover.” I eat them maybe once or twice a year. But Sunny puts a lot of care into their food—the burgers are 100 percent wagyu beef—not mixed with any meatloaf-y weirdness—and the buns are soft, fresh, and tasty. Oh and PS? The girls speak amazing English.


Even if you’re not obsessed with fake 50’s diners, and you happen to be in or near the Kita Senju Station (two locations), you should check Sunny out. It’s a fun stop and a nice change… and for me, a little reminder of home.

The Deets

3-45 Senju, Adachi-ku. Open from 11:30-midnight 
8F Kitasenju Lumine, Adachi-ku. Open 11am-22:00

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