Nihon Noms: 5 Japanese Superfoods To Eat Tonight

December 14th, 2013By Category: Food & Dining

We all know that Japanese food is known for being healthy, but here are a few food facts to help you shop happily and yummily. (I made that word up).

wakame health food


A type of seaweed found in just about any grocery store, Wakame has more than ten times the calcium of milk, plus vitamin D which helps your body absorb calcium. It’s also contains vitamin A, C, K and B2, which helps your body use fat and carbs. It has only 5 calories per serving… and it’s delicious.

sesame seeds

Sesame Seeds

Contain 975 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams (or 88 milligrams per teaspoon if you’re not into eating almost a cup of seeds). Also high in magnesium, which is great for women with PMS.

Shitake Mushrooms health food

Shitake Mushrooms

Excellent source of the vitamin Bs (2,3,5,6) and considered a decent source of both fiber and protein, and a great iron-rich food for vegetarians. Most of the research on Shitakes has been in connection with their benefit to the auto-immune system.


Shoyu (ok it’s not a food)

Studies have shown that the antioxidants in shoryu are ten times more effective than those found in red wine. It also contains more iron than oatmeal or walnuts and is a great alternative to salt as a condiment. (And no, I’m not recommending you drink 100 grams of shoyu- it is high in sodium).


Aburage (fried tofu sheets or squares) 

Contains 50% of the daily-recommended value of Calcium per 2 ounce serving (about 60 grams) and 10% of your daily iron (hey- that’s better than spinach!).

A few goodies to pick up to cancel out the weekly benders of Calbee chips and ton katsu. Itadakimasu!

Photo Credits: Flickr, by wimar; Fotoos VanRobin; TripleScoop, John Siegel, Fat Salmon

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