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July 10th, 2012By Category: Outdoor/Sports

Trying to figure out how to stay cool and still look stylish in the cloying summer heat? Sure, you’ve worn t-shirts before. But in extreme circumstances—not just any t-shirt will do.

MBprints is your printing connection in Japan. School or company having an event? Traveling home and want to give unique gifts from Japan? Working as a musician, DJ, or event organizer? Pretty much any conceivable situation can be improved with a quality, custom t-shirt. That’s the philosophy of MBprints, and it has served the company well over the years.

But don’t limit yourself to torso-covering garments. Enshrine your memories on anything from tank-top to hoody—even on underwear for those kinky bedtime moments.

Founded in Nagoya in 2006, MBprints came to nationwide prominence when it raised more than one million yen for Tohoku last year. Their friendly and helpful staff is bilingual, making orders, designs, and deliveries a breeze.

Furthermore, since the actual silkscreen printing is done in-house rather than being farmed out to a separate factory, MBprints can quickly adjust or modify an order so you get exactly what you want every time. Orders are delivered right to your door, and customers on a budget can check out special offers online or by phone. No order is too small nor too big.

WEB: www.mbprints.com
Email: info@mbprints.com
Tel/Fax: 052-846-7192

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MBprints is a full service textile t-shirt print shop which specializes in garment printing using the highest quality inks, t-shirts and supplies to insure a perfect print every time. Custom and/or original printed silk screen t-shirts, polos, hoodies (pull-over, parka), jackets, bags and many other printable items delivered right to your door. No order is too small or too big.

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