First Aid for Head and/or Heart Injuries

December 3rd, 2013By Category: Outdoor/Sports

As a foreigner living in Japan, with the possible exception of ending up in jail, the scariest situations you can possibly be in are the emergency ones. Even for those of us who can speak Japanese relatively well, medical language and/or jargon can be hit or miss, and every second lost in trying to explain your condition or that of your loved one can make the difference between life or death.

Although I’m speaking in the context of martial arts injuries, the following video was made in part to show all of us the basics of First Aid so if necessary, we can take those steps to care for our loved ones until trained help can arrive.

Author of this article

Chuck Johnson

Chuck Johnson is a Martial Arts Instructor/ Action Film Actor based in Tokyo, Japan, and Michigan, USA. He has been teaching for 16 years, holds ranks in Taekwondo, Judo, Capoeira, and Karate, and is an experienced bodyguard. He is also a member of the Screen Action Stunt Association, and Society of American Fight Directors. Additionally, he has 10 years of ELT experience, and is the developer of Phat English, a system that uses specialized hip-hop music to teach the subtle nuances of GAm English pronunciation. For more information, visit or follow Chuck on twitter at chuck_n_action

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