• Fun Under the Sun: Sunflower Festival in Zama
    August 16th, 2012By Category: Travel
    Sunflowers need full sun to grow best and bloom beautifully. If you're tired of seeing the usual spots in the city, and you just want to have fun and take lots of pictures this summer, why not try driving to Zama and take photos of its sunflower fields? Since it's sum ... » Continue Reading
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    Tokyo Sushi
    August 16th, 2012By Category: Uncategorized
      Sushi is by far my favourite Japanese fare, and I think I may have found a little bit of heaven, tucked in the streets of Umegaoka: Sushi no Midori Sohonten, introduced by my foodie friend Sophia. We lined up at the restaurant for an early lunch, amongst other sus ... » Continue Reading
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    Comics, Cosplay and Coolness at Comiket
    August 15th, 2012By Category: Uncategorized
    Tokyo Big Site - The Home of Comiket One can never be too old for comic books. This has been proven by the Japanese, as seen from thousands of attendees of comic book conventions and cosplay events in various parts of the country.  These people have 3 Cs to look f ... » Continue Reading
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    The School of Rock
    August 15th, 2012By Category: Uncategorized
    LiVEJAM Music School provides more than just an outlet for Tokyo’s teenagers. A lot of schools in Tokyo (be they international or Japanese) have good music programs, many have extra curricular orchestra, brass, string and even modern ensembles to give student ... » Continue Reading
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    Shin-Okubo: Tokyo’s Korea Town
    August 14th, 2012By Category: Uncategorized
    My friend Valerie and I hit the Shinjuku adjacent area of Shin-Okubo for some much-craved Korean fare. Even though I used to complain about Korean food being too spicy for my taste while living in Korea, I miss it a lot and need my regular dose, as it became part of m ... » Continue Reading
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    Healthy Peach, Tomato & Basil Summer Pasta Salad 桃トマトとバジルのパスタサラダ
    August 14th, 2012By Category: Uncategorized
    It's been a really hot summer, but are you guys all eating healthy and nutritious food ok? Here is a very quick and easy recipe for your hot summer days... In this recipe, we are using fresh peach, tomatoes and basils  and the health properties of these are as ... » Continue Reading
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    Sugared Jellies
    August 13th, 2012By Category: Uncategorized
    Time of the month is a great opportunity to indulge.   Scoff, scoff, scoff.  Floating in sugar heaven.  The other day I went into the convenience store and bought $10 worth of snacks.  The guy looked at me as if to say ‘typical Westerner’ – I think he was shocked.  Then ... » Continue Reading
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    Seven Things all Japanese just Gotta Say
    August 10th, 2012By Category: Uncategorized
    It was my very first week in Japan, and already I knew something funny was going on. I guess I’m a little astute like that. I had this epiphany on the second floor of a small cafe in Azabu-juban, which is a rather upscale part of Tokyo, as I was having tea w ... » Continue Reading
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    Find Cheap Flight Deals
    August 10th, 2012By Category: Uncategorized
    How do I find cheap flight deals? There are a few little secrets to help you achieve this and plenty opportunities out there if you know where and when to book. The list below has been complied with the help of Escape.com.au. The following is the ultimate g ... » Continue Reading
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    How to Survive Living in a Small Town
    August 9th, 2012By Category: Uncategorized
    If you choose to go teach English in Japan, you'll most likely end up living in a small, rural town for your first year. Experiencing the Japanese countryside is an amazing thing, as I consider it the 'real' Japan. Every foreigner in Japan should live in the country ... » Continue Reading
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    Gimme Origami!
    August 9th, 2012By Category: Uncategorized
    Origami is the art of paper folding. It came from the word "ori" which means folding and "kami" meaning, paper. It started in the 17th century AD and was popularized outside of Japan in the mid 1900s and has since then, evolved into modern art form. We're all used to se ... » Continue Reading
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    How To Play Kendama (けん玉)
    August 8th, 2012By Category: Uncategorized
    Japanese bilboquet or Kendama (けん玉) is a game that’s been around for ages…in some way, shape or form, all over the world. Some people call it bilboquet, or the Bilbo Catcher, the cup and ball game, or the ring and pin game**. Since the origins of the game are unclear, I ... » Continue Reading