Dragon Beat

July 20th, 2010By Category: Photography

Every weekend outside Harajuku Station, street performers and cosplay fans would gather and simply hangout in their outfits. A short walk away through this menagerie lies Yoyogi Park, one of the few large, open parks around Tokyo. If you’re in luck, you can be treated to some 50’s/60’s rock by a group of die-hard Rock’n’Roll fanatics who call themselves the Dragon Beats. Dancing away, oblivious to their surroundings with their immaculate hotrods parked along the curb, it is a scene definitely worth savoring in contrast to modern Tokyo.

Dragon Beatimage ©*tk

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  • cool, I've met this guy everytime I passed yoyogi park entrance.

  • Shorty

    me too! Is that his car?! How does he afford it?!


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