Matsumoto Castle

September 27th, 2010By Category: Photography

The furthest one can get away from the seas is as remote as it gets in Japan. This is Matsumoto, one of the lone stars in the vast wilderness of what was once known as Shinano, now Nagano.   The city itself, easily navigated on bike or public bus in under an hour, is small by Japanese standards, though it packs quite a historic punch.

Kurasu-Jo with Swans

Kurasu-Jo with Swans

A fuedal stronghold built under Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the late 15th century, Matsumoto Castle is the oldest extant wooden castle in Japan. Provincially known as Crow Castle (Kurasu-jo) due to its black exterior, it is rare in that rather than atop a mountain or between rivers it sits on a level plain (hirajiro).

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