Last train, you wanna?

May 24th, 2012By Category: Photography

Last train, you wanna?

The last-train home is no one’s idea of the perfect end to an evening, but if you don’t fancy the karaoke – and sour-fuelled wait for the first train – then it’s unavoidable. You know what I’m talking about. Everyone all drunkenly squashed together and holding each other up after a night of booze, cigarettes, and yakitori.

I wouldn’t say it’s all bad, though. I once got talking to a builder who was working at the top of the Tokyo Sky Tree. He saw my camera and after talking a little about photography he got his phone out and showed me a load of cool photos and movies that he had taken while climbing up and down the tower. There’s some irony there that after a day high up away from everyone and everything in Tokyo, this guy has to squash himself into a crowded little train to get home!

Author of this article

Paul Church

Paul is a freelance scientific and economic copy editor helping Japanese academics publish their research in English. For the past year and half he has also been running a daily photoblog covering his experiences in Tokyo as he tries to make sense of the city one shot at a time. He lives in Saitama Prefecture with his fiancé.

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