Top 5 Best Selling Japanese Products of December 2009

December 29th, 2009By Category: Shopping

FlutterScape is an online marketplace for sharing and discovering unique products from Japan. The site offers buyers the chance to get interesting items of any kind while those already in Japan can make money selling them. Here are their top 5 best selling products for this holiday season.

1. Jigazo Puzzle

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This puzzle not only allows you to create a self-portrait with the enclosed 300 pieces but also duplicates any person or anything on Earth allowing you to create your very own puzzle.

2. Muji Lego Hole Punch


Another great idea. The Muji Lego Hole Punch has been featured elsewhere online and has become popular with parents looking for creative product ideas for their children. With the help of the Lego brand, Muji is finding more ways into homes across Europe and North America.

3. Otamatone


The cutest electronic musical toy of all time. How cute is it? Check the video below and see for yourself.

4. PS3 250GB Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Edition


Available for a limited time only and being sold  for 79,450 yen, this special edition PS3 has been released to coincide with the new Final Fantasy XIII game. The console is white, with leading character Lightning, printed on the body in bold and Final Fantasy XIII (the game) bundled in with the package as well.

5. Unko-san Plush Key-chain Strap


Unko-san….. As you might be able to tell, Unko is something that you drop everyday… However UN also means Luck in Japanese and the meaning of the key chain is that Unko-san is a fairy which only lucky people can see. Would you want to see this bringing you gifts over the holiday?

All of the above items are available at FlutterScape.

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