The Evil Seal Shop, “Shinimonogurui”

September 13th, 2011By Category: Shopping

In Japan, it is common to use a seal with your name for contracts, receiving packages or other items.

If you’d like to have an unusual seal, have a look at Shinimonogurui (Evil Seal), an online shop on Rakuten. They make incredible seals such as a Daibutsu that shoots laser beams from his eyes, cute angry animals and so on.


The seals already have ink inside them, so you don’t need ink pads for a long time. The ink used in the seals does not have harmful materials, so despite the “evil” name, the products are eco-friendly.

You can stamp about 5,000 times with an ink pack which you can get from the online shop. You can use it up to 50,000 with refill ink packs. You cannot use other makers’ inks.

How to get the stamps:

1. Choose your design


2. Choose font from 6 kinds

Font Choices

Font Type

3. Choose stamp color from 5 kinds, and case color from 2 kinds

Color Choices

Color Choices


Case Color Choices

Case Color Choices


4. Wrapping for presents is available


  • Bank Transfer (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ)
  • Use Rakuten Bank
  • Postal Transfer
  • Cash on delivery

Postage (domestic)

  • 350 yen
  • If your purchase is 7,000 yen or more, postage is free.
  • The seals will be delivered in about a week.

For further information,  visit Shinimonogurui in Rakuten at

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