Ume liquor nouveau goes on sale

December 7th, 2011By Category: Shopping

Nakano Ume liquor nouveau, a plum-flavored liquor like Beaujolais nouveau, is now on sale at Wakayama Prefecture’s shop in Ginza and Nakano BC Online shop.

An ume liquor premium set of Nakano ume liquor Nouveau 2011 and”Nakano ume liquor Aged 2007 are on sale for 2,100 yen.

Nakano ume liquor Nouveau 2011 has a fresh taste and light ume flavor, while Nakano ume liquor Aged 2007 has matured for 4 years and has a rich but mild flavor.

The roll sushi restaurant SHARI THE TOKYO SUSHI BAR in Ginza provides ume liquor for 600 yen a glass until the end of December.

The restaurant also has an original cocktail, Plum nouveau spark (750 yen), and an original sushi roll — ume jam roll sushi (850 yen) that uses ume liquor on the menu.

Ume jam roll sushi has a mild taste

Ume jam roll sushi

According to Nakano BC, they want to expand the attraction of ume liquor from Japan to all over the world.

If you haven’t tried ume liquor yet, give it a shot.

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