Where to buy the best chocolate for Valentine’s Day in Tokyo

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We mentioned how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Japan in the article “Lots of chocolate, but little love on Valentine’s Day in Japan“.

Between now and Feb 22, Japanese retailers turn into a paradise for chocolate lovers.

Here are some places where you can buy fine chocolates in Tokyo.

Printemps Ginza

Printemps Ginza sells various chocolates on the B2 and 7th floors. Check out the Valentine Chocolate Marchais on B2. They sell various sweets using chocolate.

Image: Printemps Ginza

Top left is chocolate mille-feuille from Ginza Pomme Rouge; top right is chocolate heart shortbread from M-one cafe sweets. Bottom left is “koshijinokobai” (red Japanese apricot alcohol flavor) chocolate from Fukufuku, and chocolate sweet bean jelly from Bairindou

See other chocolate sweets at Valentine Chocolate Marchais here.

Boutique du Chocolate on the 7th floor is selling feminine and girly chocolate.

Image: Printemps Ginza

Top left is Coquette selection S which includes chocolates shaped like a cat and attractive colored macaron chocolates; top right is Sumizome which has Japanese traditional artistic figure chocolates such as tangerine, rabbit, cherry blossom, and so on in the box from Tsuki no Katsura. Bottom left is Desert Bear with a bear and a heart on top of a chocolate cube from B.B. Premier. Bottom right is Boule Fruit M which is chocolate fruit ganache chocolate, from F’s Marchais. (Image above)

See other goodies at Boutique du Chocolate here.

The Belgian Chocolate Section is also worth a visit.

Image: Printemps Ginza

Top left is White Truffle from Charlemagne; top right is Valentine Selection from Pierre Marcolini. Bottom left is Chocolate Selection from Bruyerre; bottom right is This from Pierre Ledent.

See more about the Belgian Chocolate Section here.

Printemps Ginza’s address is on the map below. (5 minutes walk from Center Exit of JR Yurakucho station, 2 minutes walk from Exit 4 of Ginza Itchome station and C6, C8, C9 Exit of Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line Ginza station)


Source: Printemps Ginza

Tokyu Department Store

Tokyu Department Store in Shibuya has some cute-looking chocolate. (See image below)

Image: Tokyu Department Store

Image: Tokyu Department Store

Tokyu Department Store’s address is on the map below.


Source: Tokyu Department Store


Shinjuku Takashimaya

Shinjuku Takashimaya is holding a Valentine’s Day event “Amour du Chocolat!” on its 11th floor.

Image: Shinjuku Takashimaya

Top left is Moriizo Shochu Chocolate which uses a popular rare Japanese liquor, Moriizo (3,150yen). Top right is Bon Bon Japon which is pate de fruits such as apple on honey ganache covered with chocolate (2,100 yen). Bottom left is a rose figure chocolate (840 yen/1,575 yen), and bottom right is Hanazukushi S which is Japanese traditional seasonal looking chocolate (2,100 yen).

See more chocolates at Takashimaya here.

Shinjuku Takashimaya’s address is on the map below. (1 minute walk from New South Exit from JR Shinjuku station, 5 minutes walk from Shinjuku station of Toei Shinjuku line, Toei Oedo line, and Keio New line, and 3 minutes walk from Shinjuku san-chome station of Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line)


Source: Takashimaya


Tokyo Midtown

Sweets and chocolate shops in Tokyo Midtown are selling high-end chocolate which matches each shop’s image and concept.

Image: Tokyo Midtown

Top left is Cool Chocolat which has small drops of almond chocolate in a big heart-shaped chocolate from The Ritz-Carlton’s Cafe & Deli (2,400 yen). Top right is Toshipipo which is a hippopotamus-shaped chocolate with two flavors, strawberry and nuts, from the famous pastry chef Toshi Yoroizuka’s sweets shop, Toshi Yoroizuka (1,500 yen). Bottom left is SWEET HEART which is raw chocolate in a heart shaped container from the relaxing cafe, Four leaves cafe Msweets. Bottom right is Green tea raw chocolate from Japanese tea flavor sweets shop Kyouhayashiya.

Other stores selling chocolate in Tokyo Midtown can be found here.

Tokyo Midtown’s address is on the map below. (You can access it directly from Exit 8 from Roppongi station on Toei Oedo line and Tokyo Metro Hibiya line, 3 minutes walk from Nogizaka station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line,  and 10 minutes walk from Exit 1 from Roppongi Itchome station onTokyo Metro Nanboku line)


Source: Tokyo Midtown



Valentine wouldn’t be complete without mentioning GODIVA, a famous high-end chocolate brand among Japanese people. GODIVA has many stores, and not just in Tokyo.

GODIVA is selling its Mont d’ Amour collection for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Mont d’ Amour means mountain of love in French. The chocolates are mountain-shaped and come in various mousse flavors. (See image below)


You can buy the Mont d’ Amour Collection in a pretty heart-shaped box.


Top left is Mont d’ Amour Milk Assortment (6 pieces) for 2,205 yen. Top right is Mont d’ Amour Selection (9 pieces) for 3,885 yen. Bottom left is Mont d’ Amour Keep Sake Heart (6 pieces) for 3,990 yen. Bottom right is Mont d’ Amour Heart Box (6 pieces) for 2,415 yen.

Check out GODIVA’s Valentine’s Day special chocolates here. To find the nearest GODIVA shop to your home, click here.

Source: GODIVA

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, most convenience stores, supermarkets and department stores sell chocolate for Valentine’s Day too.

Hope you find a great Valentine’s Day gift for your lover, family, friends or yourself.

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