GranSta Tokyo Station area expands with new food shops

April 1st, 2012By Category: Shopping

GranSta, a shopping complex in the central concourse in the basement of Tokyo Station, has expanded with several new food shops and restaurants. JR East says the complex is aiming to attract tourists and nearby office workers looking for high quality products and services, despite spending a short amount of time in the station. It said the objective is to create lasting memories for customers by enabling them to discover new things about food from their shopping.

Among the newly opened stores is Terra Saison which is selling roll cakes decorated with a train running on chocolate tracks (1,260 yen). The store provides different kinds of roll cakes with matching seasonal fruits. A cute pink roll cake with strawberries and a message plate will be available for Mother’s Day in May (1,470 yen).


A beer jelly by Kazan will be an ideal gift for Father’s Day. It looks like real beer and the head on the beer seems to spill over the glass. But the jelly is made from fresh grapefruit juice. It’s a healthy drink (336 yen).

Kiwami sells a box lunch featuring an-E5-Hayabusa-Shinkansen container. It contains everything that kids love, such as ketchup and rice, omelet, hamburger and fried shrimp (1,150 yen).

Eashion will also be popular among kids with its new train-shaped box lunch (880 yen). It also includes an omelet adorned with a French flag, teriyaki chiken, potato salad and star-shaped French fries.

Fried pork cutlet store Maisen introduces its new box lunch (840 yen) with the collaboration of Hello Kitty. Girls will love the container.

Tsukiji Takewaka is selling a sushi box lunch (1,890 yen), featuring eight different kinds of sushi along with seasoned abalone and shrimp arranged beautifully in order. It is a visual delight.

Ginza no Ginger has an array of fruit syrups in flavors such as lemon, strawberry, honey, and the like. These are said to be good stress relievers and an excellent way to start the day. One bottle costs 630 yen.

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