Tokyo Shoe Shops for Women with Big Feet

September 13th, 2012By Category: Shopping

Finding shoes from size 6 UK size (39 European, 7 US) or 24.5cm is not too difficult in Tokyo despite preconceptions.  I have found 13 shoe shops that stock from 24-27cm.  Like clothes shops, your foot size can differ in each shoe shop so make sure you get a good fit.  There’s lots of walking in Tokyo and it is unbearable to get a pair which are a shade on the small side.

  1. See the photos of shoe shops to get an idea of what types of shoes are out there.
  2. See the detailed MAPS of where the shoe shops are.
  3. See the conversion table below to check your size in Japan but remember shoes fit differently in each shop.
  4. See the table to check types of shoes, max size, if for men and women (though this is only to show that there are men’s shoes in the shop and max foot sizes have not been recorded – sorry!), price ranges and the shoe shop websites (most are in Japanese).

Camper, Crocs, Geox and Soulstar are on

ABC Mart, Around the Shoes, Blossom Garden, Camper, Crocs, Geox, Solestar and Think! are on

This shoe shop was recommended by a Gaijinpot writer  Looks good!

For more photos and details on shoe shops see my blog

Have fun shoe shopping in Japan!


My absolute favourite brand is Jellybeans (Marui Model) which has original designs and are very hip.  A close second is Geox for walking shoes and Solestar in Ginza for ultra trendy casual shoes.  Crocs are great for cheap wellies, ABC Mart for variety and Camper for total comfort though they are very expensive!  Don’t forget the sales though – some take up to 50% off in January and July.



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  • leslie nguyen says:

    I would like to believe that they have custom made sizes in Japan. For instance, I wear pretty big clothes and shoes in Mens.