Buy Some Tiny Pants to Cover Your iPhone’s Shame

March 7th, 2013By Category: Shopping


Japanese toy company Bandai have released a range of underwear for the iPhone which will not only protect your cellphone’s home button, but also the nation’s declining sense of moral decency.

Eight types of “Smart Pants” are available for ¥200, including men’s briefs, a leopard print thong, and a hot pink pair of boomerangs for the exhibitionists among you. The eighth option is a silhouette named “secret,” which could possibly arrive in an empty package labelled “Commando.” We’re not taking any chances.

All items are currently sold out, so you’ll have to just keep your shameful, pants-less iPhone hidden deep in your pocket for now. To avoid phone-streaking you should, however, buy a case made from rice crackers which can be eaten during emergency situations.

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