Nakano Broadway: The Hidden Otaku Paradise

May 2nd, 2013By Category: Living in Japan, Shopping

Everybody knows that Akihabara is the heart of video game, anime, manga and electronic gadgets but when hardcore otaku go shopping, they go to Nakano Broadway.

Built in 1966 as a huge complex of luxury residences and high end shops, today, Nakano Broadway has four main shopping areas with each area specializing in it’s own unique items.

The ground level consists of clothing and shoes stores and other second hand items but it is the 2nd and 3rd floors that attract the most attention. Here otaku fans will find everything from classic manga books and magazines, movie posters and scripts, collectable games and toys, and more.

In front of Nakano Broadway lies the Nakano Sunmall, a 225-meter long covered shopping street. Here shoppers will find all sorts of family food shops, jewelers, game centers, book stores, clothing shops and more.

If you get hungry from all your shopping then start exploring many of the side streets that branch off from the main shopping area. Here you will find all sorts of restaurants including many Japanese style izakayas that specialize in serving different kinds of food.

If you want to experience the otaku culture of Japan without the touristy feeling of Akihabara, then Nakano Broadway is a great place to visit. They have loads of stuff devoted to every niche product you can think of and plenty of chances to find cheap deals.

It is a five minute walk along Sunmall, which is across the west exit of Nakano Station.

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