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December 18th, 2013By Category: Shopping

If you’re heading back to your home country for the holidays, and a terrible planner, you’re probably in the frenzy of last-minute holiday shopping. Yes, you can show up to Mom’s doorstep with traditional Japanese omiyage, OR you can shop at Village Vanguard and make your family question your sanity that much more. Personally… I’m opting for the latter.


Village Vanguard is Japan’s “Exciting Book Store,” with locations throughout the country. Popular culture reigns supreme here, with everything from food, novelties, accessories, gadgets, t-shirts, candy, and an infinite amount of silly crap that is perfect gift-giving for the not-so-serious folks on your shopping list.

gas mask

Because what says Christmas better than a Civil Gas Mask?

annoying orange

Or this horribly upsetting citrus pillow, aptly named The Annoying Orange?

 toy story bath bombs

For the child who enjoys her “me time”… how about a few Toy Story bath bombs?

oompa loompas

And the Willy Wonka chocolate, complete with Oompa Looma dolls is kind of a no-brainer.

If you’re looking for actual gifts from Japan, there’s no shortage of those either.


This giant box of Pocky is going through customs with me, no question.

 burger bentos

These hamburger bentos are pretty jazzy too.

fat ronald

And of course- the “supersized” Ronald McDonald. Village Vanguard thinks of everything for your holiday shopping needs.


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