The many colors of Tokyo Tower

November 11th, 2009By Category: Travel

t-tower-blogNo matter how many times those living in Tokyo check out the iconic Tokyo Tower, every time they looks up at night, there is something different to be seen.

How does it do this?

As can be seen in the attached pic, at any special time, or in conjunction with an event (or seemingly also at just random nights in the week), Tokyo Tower is lit up to catch the mood.  Recently it has been illuminated to reflect breast cancer awareness, the Tokyo bid for the 2016 Olympics, Culture Day and as can be seen here – for World Diabetes Day.

Feel free to add your memories of seeing Tokyo Tower below.  For those outside of Japan, check out the movie Japan Sinks (aka Nihon Chinbotsu) to see Tokyo Tower and the rest of Japan washed away in a gigantic tidal wave .

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