Sweets paradise comes to Tokyo station

February 29th, 2012By Category: Travel

Image: Narinari,com

A commercial facility at Tokyo station, called First Avenue Tokyo Station, will open on April 14. Occupying part of the facility is “The Okashi Land” which will feature famous big  confectionery brands, including Ezaki Glico Co, Morinaga & Company, Ltd and Calbee Foods Co.

The First Avenue Tokyo Station has been under construction for five years since the reform of Tokyo station was launched. The completion of The Okashi Land will be the final step. The location is ideal for commuters and passersby. It is in front of the Yaesu Chuo-guchi (central exit), between “Tokyo Ramen Street” and “Tokyo Character Street.”

The Ezaki Glico store will sell fresh products made on the premises. Almond Chocolate and other original products will be available.  The Morinaga zone will sell gifts, sweets and original goods.

Following the success of “Calbee + (Calbee Plus)” stores in Harajuku and Omotesando, Calbee’s store in The Okashi Land will sell potato fries and soft ice cream available for takeout.

Source: Narinari.com

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