Getting to Tokyo from Narita Airport

August 21st, 2012By Category: Travel

There are a few options available for you to get to Tokyo from Narita Airport and these include taxi, bus and trains.

  • Taxis are the most expensive means with a taxi to downtown Tokyo costing between 20,000 yen – 30,000 yen depending on the final destination and traffic.
  • Bus is a cheaper option at around 3,000 yen. A regular limousine bus service ( runs between Narita and Tokyo City Air Terminal in central Tokyo, to Tokyo and Shinjuku stations. They also run to most major hotels in Tokyo. Tickets can be purchased at the airport after clearing immigration and customs. The buses leave every 20 minutes and usually take 2 to 3 hours to arrive at central hotels.
  • Trains are usually the quickest and cheapest way to reach Tokyo. There are two train alternatives into Tokyo: Japan Railways (JR) Narita Express ( and the Keisei Skyliner ( they are twice as fast as taxi or bus, but not as convenient as you must find your own way around the city once at a station.
  • The Narita Express has more connections stopping at JR stations in Chiba, Tokyo (station), Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Yokohama. It costs around 3,000 yen for a regular ticket. Tickets can be bought in advance or at the station.
  • The Keisei Skyliner stops at just Ueno Station and nearby Nippori. Tickets cost around 2,000 yen and can also be bought in advance or at the station.

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John Asano

John Asano is a blogger, web developer and freelance writer living in Gifu, Japan. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he writes about the must see sights and attractions in Japan at Japan Travel Advice, as well as about Japanese culture and events on his blog Japan Australia.

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