Ritsurin in Spring

September 20th, 2012By Category: Culture, Outdoor/Sports, Travel

Ritsurin Garden is near the center of Takamatsu. It is a famous garden that has been featured in several magazines and it’s not surprising as to why.

The garden offers many different traditional Japanese plants and structures and there is a traditional tea house where you can take part in a tea ceremony. There is a large carp pond where you can feed the fish from the shore, bridges, or even from one of the stepping stones on the water. Several of the beautiful bridges are well known, including the well know red bridge and zigzag bridge. There is also a waterfall and a lotus pond.

While the garden is amazing any time of the year, it is especially beautiful in spring. The cherry and peach blossoms throughout the garden make for a spectacular view. There is one tree in the garden that stands out above all the rest. It is a simple cherry tree in a field of cherry trees that seems like nothing out of the ordinary until you read the sign that stands next to it. This cherry tree is the cherry tree that indicates when cherry blossom season begins. The tree is monitored through out spring to determine when cherry blossoms will be at their best.

So if you are in the Shikoku area and need a great spot for a Hanami party, check out Ritsurin Park. It provides a spectacular view almost anywhere you go.

Photo: Christian Kaden

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Lieske Leynen

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