What it means to be an ‘Otaku’

September 24th, 2012By Category: Culture, Travel

Japanese women are popular among men all over the world, and there is even a market for a T-shirt that says “Looking for a Japanese Girl Friend.” But what do you think Japanese girls look for in men when searching for a potential husband? And what kind of Japanese men could turn out to be great for women in general?

We decided to interview single Japanese women and also study what kind of dating services are available in Japan to find out more.

“Before I was attracted to men who would chase after their dreams by taking a risk in their lives, but I only now date men who have civil service-related jobs, because of the job stability. He does not have to be bright in his appearance either. I want to continue working so my future husband does not necessarily have to earn a high income.”

In Japan, there is an activity called “Ota Konkatsu,” which is a dating service, where people get to meet otaku (a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga or video games) on a date, for the primary goal of finding a marriage partner.

“I personally do not define myself as an otaku, and watching all these otaku chasing after AKB48 (a Japanese girl group which has achieved such popularity in Japan that they’ve been characterized as a social phenomenon), attending their events like a royal fan, I always thought otaku people are like underdogs, not cool nor popular.

But I think I was wrong, because they can be extremely supportive to matters very important to you, and they prioritize you and can be the best person to understand and be supportive of you. Unlike traditional Japanese men who expect us to be the wife and mother for the family, taking care of the domestic house work, the otaku man does help with house work that I thought I had to do alone, so I am now open to getting to know an otaku man for my potential husband now.

Otaku men have strong respect for women in general, and they also come from a background with a stable job, sometime engineering related, probably due to their base being Akihabara.”

So does this mean we are entering an era where women with high demand for support from a man can finally find the answer to their needs by marrying non-popular but very committed men in Japan? Doesn’t it sound like that otaku boys will now be the popular group for marriage potential among all women around the globe?

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