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Japan offers a wide range of accommodation from the budget to the high-end luxury. You can find accommodation in either Japanese style or Western style. In Japan there is a person rate per room, which means if you are sharing a room with another person the rate will double.

In most hotels and all ryokan (Japanese style inns) you will be provided with a yukata robe, toothbrush, razor, show cap and basic toiletries.

The main types of accommodation in Japan include:

Western Style Hotels:

Western style hotels can be found all over Japan and include both international and Japanese hotel chains. They usually have English speaking staff with rates vary from 8,000 yen to 30,000 yen.

Budget Style Business Hotels

A great compromise and very economical with prices around 7,400 yen for a single and 9,000 yen for a double. The rooms are clean, simple, western style and usually include free breakfast, TV, and internet connection in your room. The hotels are usually located close to train stations making them very convenient for travel. Popular chains include Toyoko Inn and APA Hotel.

Capsule Hotels

A cheap alternative to regular hotels and very common in the major cities. The rooms usually measure two metres by one metre by one metre, and contain a bed, a TV, reading light, radio and alarm clock. You can keep your personal belongings stored safely in a locker room. A lot of capsule hotels also offer access to sauna and communal baths. The average price is usually around 3,800 yen per night.

Minshuku (Japanese Guest Houses)

These are usually small, family run bed and breakfast lodgings without the frills such as yukata gowns and toiletries. A stay at a minshuku will give you a more intimate experience of Japanese home life. Rates are usually from 5,000 yen and up and they can be found all over Japan.

Ryokan (Japanese Style Inns)

A rewarding experience for a taste of traditional Japan. They charge on average a rate of around 9,000 yen per person, but can rapidly rise for the more elegant ryokan. Guests sleep in tatami (straw mat) rooms on futon and the morning and evening meals are served in the guest’s room. The baths are sometimes communal.

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  • shin-jjangu says:

    I think if you are looking for short stay capsule hotels or ryokan are better choices, because anything western related culture in japan are considered import and uncommon so they are usually more expensive than traditional japanese hotels

  • zoomingjapan says:

    I’m a big fan of business hotels such as Toyoko Inn or Super Hotel! 🙂


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