The Ring of Wisdom

December 21st, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment, Culture, Travel

There are many places in Japan where the tradition says that if you perform some unusual act, you will get something in return. Probably the most famous such place is inside the Todaiji Temple from Nara, but I recently found something similar in Amanohashidate.

An old Buddhist teaching says that “Out of the counsel of three comes the wisdom of Monju”, Monju being the Bodhisattva of wisdom. The meaning of this saying is that three heads think better than one, but related to this, a strange belief appeared here, according to which if you will pass 3 times through a “wisdom lantern” – a ring of stone called Chienowa Tourou, Monju will grant you wisdom. But since the ring is placed quite high, I guess not many people are trying…

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Muza-chan (real name Lili), is a Romanian travel writer and photographer, living in Bucharest and frequently visiting Japan. She publishes daily photos from Japan, with insights and comments about the areas she visited. She also writes about Japan travel, culture and traditions and her hobbies include pop-culture, music and cuisine. 

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  • leslie nguyen says:

    I like the article especially for your ending sentence in it!

  • zoomingjapan says:

    Haha, it is scary that I immediately recognized it just by looking at the photo.
    Amanohashidate is great! On of the 3 great sights of Japan besides Miyajima and Matsushima. I have been to all of them, but Amanohashidate has a lot of different things to offer. I also liked the beach there! 🙂


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