A Parade of Japan’s Fire Brigades

January 11th, 2013By Category: Arts & Entertainment, Culture, Events, Travel

Many people say you’ll never be bored in Japan because there’s so much to see. In fact, the first few days of the year of the water snake has already been colorful. There was Tamaseseri or Ball-catching festival in Fukuoka City and recently, Tokyo has celebrated the new year with a parade called dezome-shiki where firefighters gathered for a unique performance and also to raise people’s awareness of fire and disaster prevention.

It is a centuries-old New Year tradition that gives the public a peek at the latest firefighting and rescue techniques. Held every year in early January, members of municipal fire departments and community firefighting teams put on a display of their skills. About 2,600 professional firefighters participate in the parade and show the public exciting and tension-filled drills.

One of the best parts of the parade is not just the display of these skills and drills. Dezome-shiki is a show of acrobatics using ladders, a tradition which originated in the Edo period.

All photos by Lili Florea (muza-chan.net)

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