Stunning Sakura: Ueno Park

There are several parks in Tokyo where you can enjoy viewing sakura. This season, I was able to visit Ueno Park in Tokyo. I personally think that spring is the most beautiful time in Japan, also because these stunning flowers bloom and make the city livelier.


Here in Tokyo, it’s so easy to spot white and pink cherry blossoms, and there are a few yellow cherry blossom trees as well. However, outside the city, you can find the red sakura, which I think are really pretty and complements the nice weather outside.

There are flowers with shades of white, pink yellow and red and the color of the blossoms depends on the species. There are wild trees, which grow freely and cultivated trees are those planted and maintained. There are also several types of tree forms including V-shape, weeping and flat-topped. Other varieties are known as columnar and triangular, which refer to the shape of the tree’s branches.


These are just some of the photos I took when I went to Ueno Park last week. I know there are lots of pretty trees in other parks and I’m planning to take photos of them one at a time, since spring has only started.




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Juste Janusauskaite

I'm a 24-year old Lithuanian girl living in Tokyo. My life is pretty crazy, but very happy. I used to live in Dublin, Ireland and in London, England for a while, and I am now living in Japan which I love very much! I'm very lucky that I have opportunity to live here, Tokyo is one of the the most amazing and weirdest cities in the world. My blog is about stuff I'm passionate about, things which inspire me and other charming discoveries along the way.

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