Yozakura: Cherry Blossoms at Night

Hanami is a big part of spring tradition in Japan, but so is Yozakura. Yozakura is Hanami at night. People come after dark to sit under the lit up cherry blossoms and drink and eat with friends and family. Basically, celebrating the arrival of spring. Spring this year has arrived very early! I’m a little afraid of what this means for summer. If you don’t know what I am talking about then try visiting Nagoya in the summer and you will understand the moment you step outside of the airport. Actually, the air around the open door of the airplane should tell you a lot.

yozakura 1

These were all taken in Tsuruma Park in Nagoya if you would like to visit next spring for your own Hanami!

yozakura 3

yozakura 4

yozakura 5

yozakura 6

yozakura 7

 More photos of my yozakura experience can be viewed here.

Author of this article

Victoria Marie Hurd

Victoria blogs on Victoriainjapanland about places that she visits. Most are in Japan, but also about other countries that she visits. She has been blogging since she moved to Nagoya in 2010. She enjoys using her photos to show the interesting sights that she encounters in her travels. When she isn't taking photographs she is working as an English instructor and daydreaming of places that she can go to to take photos. She resides in Nagoya with her Japanese boyfriend and her cat.

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