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October 16th, 2013By Category: Travel

We had an opportunity to sit down with Across-No.1 Travel (H.I.S.) to find out the some of the more unusual requests that they get. Of course, the most popular question was “What is the cheapest flight to (insert destination here)?” but here are five common questions that they get which could be useful for everyone to know:

Q1. I need an air ticket to New York, and I need to leave tomorrow. Is this possible?

A: Yes, it is possible and in some cases, we can even arrange same day departures. This is one area where Across-No.1 Travel goes the extra mile compared to other agencies, which normally have later cut-off dates.
*Subject to fare types/conditions
*Last minute fee applies besides airfare/taxes

Q 2: I finally made up my plan to go home to London for Christmas, but I’m told that all flights are fully booked up. I’ve called everywhere and no one offers a waiting list. Am I just out of luck?

Don’t give up, even in the holiday season. Not only do we deal with hundreds of airlines, we have other resources besides for the discounted fairs or the published excursion fairs (PEX, A-PEX). We have our own number of reserved tickets or space on some chartered flights. Don’t give up so fast! Give us a call or stop in so we can plan your trip home.

Q 3: I want to invite my family living in Manila to come to Japan. Do you arrange air tickets leaving from overseas?

Yes, we do this all the time. In addition to having over 100 overseas branches, we have a global network to serve almost any location. Our prices are very competitive and very convenient. Much better than wire-transferring money overseas, incurring those costs and hassle, and having the guest buy the ticket locally.

Q 4: I just relocated to Tokyo office from Australia, and am new to Japan. Do you arrange domestic trips as well?

Yes, we offer more than just “travel”, we offer a variety of domestic tour packages that include accommodation, bus tours, and more from Hokkaido to Okinawa. We have the popular tours to fit any budget or interest whether it be cultural (Kyoto, Hakone), Nature (onsen – hot springs, cherry blossom viewing), Sports (Skiing), and number seasonal getaways.

Q 5: I come from Myanmar and do not speak Japanese well and my English is not that great. Is there anyone that speaks Burmese?

Yes, we have Burmese speakers and staff various countries including Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Kenya, China, Korea, etc. We understand your language and your needs.

Bonus Questions not related to Travel

Q1: I would like to send money to my family in Thailand.  Do you offer any assistance for that?

Yes. Across-NO.1 travel is an authorized Western Union agent and offers international money transfer services and you can send or receive money at our office in English.

Q 2: My friend coming from Hong Kong wants to exchange Hong Kong dollars to Japanese yen. Do you do foreign currency exchange?

Yes, we do offer this service but only at our Shinjuku office. We are also open on Saturdays so We deal with US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Chinese Yuan (CNY), Taiwan Dollars (TWD), Korean Won (KRW), and Thai Baht (THB).

Q3: Anything else we should know?

Besides for our weekly newsletter and Facebook pages that give the latest deals, we just want to let GaijinPot readers know that we are here to help. We have a 24-hour customer service line (apologies but this is only in Japanese at the moment) to support you in case you run into difficulties such as being late for your flight, had your valuables stolen, or any other unexpected occurrence should arise. We have 157 offices in 111 cities in 51 countries at your service.

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