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Since its establishment, RCS has earned a commendable reputation amongst Boards of Education for our quality of Assistant Language Teachers. At present RCS supplies teachers to more than 500 kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools in the Kanto region.

The company was founded 30 years ago by Rex Schaumleffel making it the longest running company supplying ALTs to schools in Japan. Initially starting with a single teacher, RCS has gradually expanded through our reputation of good service and quality teachers.

What is an ALT?

ALT stands for Assistant Language Teacher. The ALT position is to assist Japanese English teachers in teaching English as a second language at Elementary School, Junior High, and Senior High. Actual teaching averages 4 lessons of 50 minutes a day. At the Junior and Senior High School level, the Japanese teacher will be in control of the class and they also make decisions on things such as lesson planning, the ALT’s role in the classroom, and timetable arrangements. Elementary schools usually have a basic curriculum or teaching plan, which the ALT is required to predominately teach by themselves with the Japanese teacher to help in various capacities. Please note however, that the final decision over all classes lies with the Japanese teacher(s) involved.

Eating school lunch with the children is considered a part of the position and gives the teacher a chance to mingle with students on a slightly informal basis. Both teachers and students clean the school on a daily basis. The ALT is also required to participate in this, unless otherwise instructed by the appropriate authorities.

Occasional extracurricular activities may be requested of the teacher, such as judging speech contest , participating in cultural day activities and additional teaching. Teachers may also be requested or wish to participate in club activities with children after classes.

The ALT position gives you the opportunity to not only mix with and help the Japanese improve their English but also to experience Japanese culture first hand.

Benefits of Working at RCS Corporation
  • RCS assists our ALTs in all facets of Japan, including services to help set up accommodation, organizing health insurance and even arranging cars.
  • Matters such as visas, taxes and insurance are all administered by the company to ensure that all of our ALTs are legally eligible to work in Japan.
  • RCS provides intensive training for all of our employees to insure that they feel comfortable and confident to fulfil their duties as English Language Instructors. Additionally, we provide workshops focused on acclimating to life in Japan.
  • RCS provides constant support for our ALTs on all levels including translating and interpreting services, on site assistance in emergencies and counseling for school and private matters. In addition, we keep in regular contact with all of our ALTs by phone and by a Monthly Newsletter.
  • RCS provides regular feedback to our ALTs following consultations with their Board of Education, schools and teachers as well as from first-hand lesson observations.
  • Through 30 years experience of providing ALTs to schools, RCS has accumulated an extensive collection of materials ranging from CDs and text books to activity books and games for our ALTs use.
RCS ALT Voices

Matt Dingle (United States) I have worked at RCS for about a year and a half now. At first, I had some reservations about coming to live in Japan – a country I had never been to before. I was very happy to find that RCS provided help finding housing and transportation. They have also helped make arrangements with my visa, passport re-entry permit, doctor visits, Japanese driver’s license, and bank account. Overall, they have helped make my life in Japan much easier.

Melvin Yard (Canada) There are 2 reasons why I enjoy working at school. The first reason is that I have a chance to mix with students and help them improve their English. The second reason is that I have a chance to experience Japanese culture first hand.

Philip Smith (Britain) It is now my second year in Japan. I was unsure of many things. However, the teachers at my school were kind and helpful, and the students were friendly towards me. Also, when I was injured, the RCS staff helped me out. Now I am working confidently and happily.

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