New Years Day in Japan

January 4th, 2010By Category: Uncategorized

When I am not in Japan, I’m very fortunate to basically live in a “Little Tokyo” environment where I can witness special festivals & traditions. New Years Day is a very important day for everyone! And what better way to celebrate than with pounding mochi as hard as you can! The Japanese celebrate Oshogatsu on New Years Day with mochi pounding, eating osechi-ryori (seaweed, fish cakes, mashed sweet potato with chessnut, simmered burdock root, and sweetened black soybeans), and a Lion Dance.

At my local supermarket is where the festivities went down for the New Year. When I arrived the Lion dance & Taiko were heavily on its way. Everyone in there were just beaming. I felt everyone was really happy that we have seen another year on this earth. It was a great way to start 2010 and so I raised my large wooden mallot and pounded away with all of my heart and soul! This year was off to a great start!


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