How to Eat Sushi

January 26th, 2010By Category: Uncategorized

Ever wondered about how to eat sushi in Japan?  How about the correct manner for using chopsticks?  Thanks to the design blog Swiss-miss I came across this, a fantastic graphic guide to the dos and don’ts of sushi etiquette.

You can find more helpful info about living in Japan in our living info section here or check some of these great blogs for advice on Japanese food and drink.  Have you had any eating disasters in Japan?

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  • Themaxxilor says:

    They forgot to mention taking the fish off the rice and dipping it into the soy sauce, replacing it and eating it that way. …is my family the only people who do that?
    Also, if you don’t have a hashi-oki, just the paper sleeve for your wari-bashi, fold up the sleeve and use that. toothpicks also have an end with ridges. Break that off and rest your (used) tooth pick on it and get stares from everyone wondering if that’s what its meant for or how you knew to use it that way. Im done.

  • Mono_locco says:

    lol this is dumb….. eat how you want to eat….enjoy sushi how you want to enjoy it. There is no right way or wrong way. I see alot of Japanese people at sushi places not sticking to these steps so why should we ^^

  • Chris says:

    What? I shouldn't dump wasabi into the soy sauce?? I love wasabi and I eat a lot of it, usually the incorrect way. I didn't realize I had poor etiquette but not that I know…I guess I will continue being the sushi barbarian I am. Bring on the wasabi soup!

  • Mike says:

    Is this a Tokyo thing or something?

    Every time I eat sushi in Aichi everyone puts the rice into the soy sauce, no one puts the fish on the tongue, that fish goes in rice down, and lots of people stir in wasabi into their soy sauce. That includes older people too (in their 60s). Also, never seen anyone eat sushi with their fingers either, but maybe because I'm not paying 800 yen for a piece of maguro. . .

  • S.J. says:

    Yah! If you don't like the way I eat “DON'T WATCH!”

  • Kylin88 says:

    I don't know if there's “sush police” but if you eat many “maguro”, Sea Shepherd may chase you.

  • matoe says:

    there r many opinions about proper etiquette, personally i think etiquette is a BS limitation on comfort & freedom that we should EVOLVE beyond, if i want 2 add wasabi 2 my shoyu & stir it in so it's spread out evenly that is my choice (my wife who is Japanese does this 2), if it bothers some1 i think they r ridiculous & should probably b concerned with much more important things

    also “put the whole portion in your mouth”, i like 2 chew my food slowly & fully & not struggle with a mouthful while looking & feeling uncomfortable

  • I'm from the land of sushi and I didn't realize that there is a proper way to eat sushi. I usually mix a lot of wasabi with soy sauce until it get muddy and I have not yet encountered a sushi police.

  • Kylin88 says:

    Dumping wasabi into soy sauce is an etiquette, but most of young Japanese don't care about it indeed.