Rilakkuma’s official debut in the US

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Rilakkuma is a BEAR character produced by one of the leading Japanese cute character companies, San-X. Rilakkuma stays true to his name, so he enjoys relaxing of course! His favorite things include sleeping, lying around, watching television, listening to music and soaking in hot springs. Kinda sounds like me! Lol! I have known about Rilakkuma for a while now even though he never made his official debut in the US.  Once again I am lucky to live in a Little Tokyo environment and have seen a glimpse of Rilakkuma at a few gift stores in the area. And when I have traveled to Tokyo I have also seen the power of Rilakkuma!

When I heard he was making his Official debut at some store called JapanLA I was estatic. I actually heard about the event from a friend who actually knew the guy who worked with San-X to make this event even possible. They both gave me an official invite with a Rilakkuma Keitai strap as well. And of course I was quite honored and couldn’t pass up the event. The event consisted of taking pictures with Rilakkuma, buying San-X goods and receiving goody bags, and then taking more pictures with Rilakkuma! LOL! They also had a food truck called “Buttermilk Truck” which served pancakes! One of Rilakkuma’s favorite foods!

The event went moderately well for being held at such a tiny store on a very rainy night. And it was great to see Rilakkuma make his official debut! Good luck Rilakkuma! The world will soon know of your cuteness! ;p

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