Sakura Wonderland

April 6th, 2010By Category: Uncategorized

The first time I ever went to Tokyo was in the spring where I could see the beautiful Cherry Blossoms in bloom! Seeing my first full bloomed tree in Mitaka even inspired me to write a song titled “Sakura in Mitaka”. And I still remember another wonderful spring in Tokyo while I was filming my documentary Crazy Sexy Tokyo with Anime Selects Comcast On Demand. Sakura has left amazing memories and stories to tell until I’m so old I can’t remember anymore! Ha!

Now that it is the season again for eating, drinking, singing under the Cherry Blossom trees. I have been inspired again to create another song called “Sakura Wonderland”. I know I have already written one song about the blossoms but like I said the blossoms hold a very special part in my heart. While everyone is heading over to Ueno Park in Tokyo I am stuck over here in the States but not empty handed. I am fortunate and honored to experience the blossoms in my own home town. Actually two different parks over here carry the Sakura trees. Although they look like baby Cherry Blossom trees compared to Japan. But it is better than nothing ne? I am also happy to see the avatar website I talked about the last time in my blog celebrate the Sakura as well all over “Selfy Town”(virtual town) with very wonderfully illustrated Cherry Blossom trees. Also Tinierme is having a whole bunch of special Cherry Blossom events on the site including my OWN event titled “Stephanie’s Concert” where all users can hear my song inspired by Cherry Blossoms!

If you are no where near blossoms but still want to celebrate you can always just grab some friends and enjoy some chicken and drinks. I know the blossoms won’t be there but you can always pretend that iit s until next year when you plan you trip to Tokyo right? That or Washington…

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