Gundam Cafe Opens in Akiba

April 23rd, 2010By Category: Uncategorized

Add this to the many themed restaurants available in Japan.  Based on the popular Japanese sci-fi anime series ‘‘Mobile Suit Gundam’’ (to give it it’s full title), the Gundam Cafe will open in Akihabara on Saturday, and is actively promoting itself to foreign visitors.

Visitors to this new Gundam wonderland can watch videos with info on the many, many Gundam series, which have now been running on Japanese TV for over 30 years.  Food there is inspired by key characters and settings, including Jaburo Coffee which is connected to a story set in the fictional military base in Jaburo, Brazil.  Also look for Gun-Pla-Yaki, a gundam-shape pancake. Waitresses dressed in the uniform of a female character from the series will also act as a model in the cafe, posing for photographs with visitors.

The cafe is located just a minute away from JR Akihabara station, though is a little hidden under the elevated rail tracks in the area.  What do you think of all these themed cafes in Japan?  Do they make you interested in going? 

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