Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential: How teenage girls made a nation cool

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Kodansha have just released a new book, Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential: How teenage girls made a nation cool, looking at how the schoolgirl look in Japan became iconic for the country as a whole. The book is a must for anyone curious about the girls that dominate Japan’s pop culture. For years schoolgirls have shown up in internationally popular anime and manga such as “Sailor Moon,” and “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.”

Haruhi, popular with cosplayers here and now a massively popular anime worldwide itself began from a series of light-novels.

My personal favorite would be Saya from Blood+ and Blood: The Last Vampire.

Saya movie version.  Played by a Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun.

Lets also not forget games.  Sakura was one of the late comers to Street Fighter but fast-became one of the most popular amongst the character lineup.

One more is of course Gogo in Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill:” Volume 1.” With chapters covering everything from sailor-suited pop-idols and cult movie vixens, to the power of shopping and uniform fashion, “Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential” takes you beyond the realm of everyday schoolgirls to discover the secrets behind this iconic creature. Learn the origins of their famous sailor-style uniforms, and how they became a brand used to sell anything from kimchi to insurance. Discover why these girls have become such a symbol of girl power, and why they are so very, very cool!

The book is written by Brian Ashcraft is also the author of “Arcade Mania!” and a senior contributing editor for the video game blog Kotaku.com.  Tis well worth a look in.

Thoughts welcome below.

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  • Mono_locco says:

    are you dumb or just stupid lol….how can you compare slutty looking school girls to tea ceremony or modern japanese buildings lol oviously you have no idea what you are talking about. I think you are just like alot of those undersexed old pervs who gets excitement over seen under aged girls in school uniforms…..who they are still children I might add.

  • Mono_locco says:

    lol…..cool!?!?! more like desperate and no class whatsoever. Alot of these girls have no sense of fashion whatsoever. They think that just by putting their skirts up so far that we can see their undies when walking up the stairs it's cool and sexy lol. It's probably cool for them desperate man who can't get a gf or those old office workers who are always perving at them school girls. But to me they are nothing more than little girls who have no idea what they are doing who are dressed like cheap easy chicks. They are in High school for crying out loud….. lol

  • Kei says:

    We do have uniforms in the UK. But ours aren't anything like Japanese ones. Although I agree with uberclimber, there are plenty of girls just as slutty. But I don't think that it's the same sort because the uniforms are so different ^^

  • AIbakuge says:

    “Iconic Schoolgirls” are not exclusive to japan, the only thing that sets them apart from other countries is their uniform, Schoolgirls and just females in general have been used for AGES as advertising and it is not something to be proud of and certainly not something to make a book off of. It's basically saying hey lemme write a book about how girls are used for selling products! I'll even use a girl to sell my book!

  • DoBo says:

    It is not immature. It is sexy.
    I don't find it perverted. If you think of that, your mind is.
    It's just one of the innovative Japanese ideas. Think of the Japanese gardens, temples, traditional houses, modern buildings, sakura, shinkansen, sushi, tea ceremony, sake and add the sailor scouts. I find it lovable! It fits Japan.

  • uberclimber says:

    Rubbish. There are plenty of school girls just as slutty-looking as J-girls in both countries.

  • Jamie says:

    Because those school girls aren't as slutty looking as J-girls

  • inaka_rob says:

    I am from the USA where we don't really have uniforms, but if I am not mistaken don't they have uniforms in the UK and AUS? How come THOSE school girls never become a sensation like J-girls.

  • crafty says:

    Definitley one for the pervs out there, and nothing more.

    Agreed – terrible title.
    It's only for the innocence and probable flash of panties, and obsession with uniforms, that makes them “cool”.

    Other than that, “immature” might be a better word.

  • iconoclastical says:

    What a daft idea. “Gosh, haven't teenage girls made the nation cool with their iconic look” isn't a thought likely to have occurred to anyone except the authors of this stupid sounding book. Likely readership: perverts with clammy hands. So sling in some pseudo-sociological drivel to make it sound more mainstream.

  • SayWhat? says:

    GOD gaijinpot was never great but has really gone downhill!

    The obsession with Japanese school girls is a Japanese obession. Catch any morning train and you will see.