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There are a lot of guest houses and apartments advertised on GaijinPot for folks looking to ease the cost of living while still having the convenience of big-city living. There is always plenty of choice but to help you make your mind up, guest house services are really starting to ad special touches. One to look for if you are staying in central Tokyo is All Estate – check it out:


All Estate is a more sophisticated shared residence which gives office workers, older students and OL’s a place to live, study and work in with a bit more style. This means folks staying there get plenty of space, clean and modern facilities, cushy décor with all mod-cons from as little as 45,000 yen a month.

By staying in a shared-residence like All Estate, not only do you get to live cheaply close to central Tokyo, you also get to meet a great cross-section of Tokyo society which leads to new friendships and opportunities.

Folks considering short stays or who are in-between apartments should also find places like this useful as All Estate also includes monthly events such as wine seminars, cooking lessons and other cultural ways for you to get to know your room mates.

Going to take a look at some shots of the kind of rooms on offer here. First shot is the first thing you will see when entering.

By looking at these pics you will immediately notice the higher quality surroundings available. All Estate also collaborated with a Harajuku wine bar making for some great beer and wine in the dining space. Perfect for breaking the ice!

You can also expect to find free Internet (important for checking GaijinPot), free public PCs, free washing machines and dryers, parking for cars, bikes etc.

Most of the other shared-residences out there are doing something similar but with shortcuts taken on things like building quality, private space and comfort. Because a lot of people out there are looking for quick answers, they are able to find residents.

This is how things used to be done, but in a day and age of falling prices and more options, residents should be offered places to really enjoy their stay.

Imagine coming home to this every night!

All Estate are welcoming guests to make inquiries and find out more.  If email is best for you, contact them here:


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