Internet Service Providers in Japan

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In order to use internet, you need to have 2 contracts here in Japan.  One is the Network Service Carrier and the other is the Internet Service Provider.  To help out folks whohave just arrived in the country, here are some Internet Service Providers available in Japan offering services in English:

Fusion GOL:

Variety of services, including technical support by native English and Japanese speaking staff.

Asahi Net:

Broadband fixed line and mobile Internet provider with English support since 1996.


Provides ADSL lines to numerous ISPs and site includes a system to locate the NTT switching center.


High quality Internet service provided by Softbank Telecom with full support in English.


SonixNet is provided by Assist Solutions through NTT Group’s backbone network system.

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Special thanks to Plaza Homes for helping us put together this list.


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  • Hello………I’m looking for Rocket Ten Internet Services and don’t see them anywhere here. Any clues on them? Thanks, Roger G.

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