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When I first came to Tokyo, I really wanted to take dance classes, but my understanding of Japanese was inexistent, and I had no clue where to look, or who to ask.  I spent a lot of time researching in English online, but I wasn’t able to find any information.  So in my last attempt to keep fit, I joined Tipness, a popular fitness gym located around Tokyo and Japan. One perk of this gym, you can usually find someone who can speak English at the main branches in Shinjuku, Shibuya or Roppongi.

Other than swimming, or work out machines, they also offer tons of different classes.  Tipness dance classes are great if you are just looking for a fun, easy class for exercise. Once I started, I couldn’t stop, traveling from one Tipness branch to another, taking over 7 classes a week.  That’s where it started, dance. I entered the world of dance; I was able to find the secret door that led me to all the dance information.

I now have stopped going to Tipness, though I do miss the relaxation room, and the massage chairs in the Shibuya branch, and moved on to dance schools and dance studios where dance is not just a form of exercise, its life.  I have now seen over a dozen different dance studios and schools around Tokyo, and I want to pass on the information to others searching for a studio.

Here are two popular dance studios here in Tokyo.

First we have Zeal Studio, which is recognized world wide.  Offering high quality equipment, and classes ranging from beginner to advanced, for young and old. The teachers are all well known in the dance world and they have famous guest teachers every once and a while such as Ciara, Janet Jackson, Verg, and many more.   Zeal has 4 locations in Kawaguchi, Shinjuku, Tokyo and Yokohama.  Fees are a bit expensive, ranging from 8500en to 20,000en a month, but worth it if you want to study under famous and talented teachers.

Second is Noa is another high quality studio located around Tokyo. It has recently opened a new studio in Ikebukuro, making a total of 2 locations around Tokyo, the other being in Toritsudai. Noa also has well known teachers, and offers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Although it would seem Noa offers more of the introductory classes than advanced classes, which makes Noa a great place for those who are just starting to get into dance. The price range is cheaper than Zeal, 10500yen a month for all introductory classes or 18700yen a month for all classes, introductory to advanced.  For more information visit their website.





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