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Tired of squinting at movie screens because you forgot your glasses? Fed up with dry eyes and hunting for lost contact lenses? Fancy some 20/20 vision? If you have ever wondered about getting eye treatment or have had issues with optical health care in Japan, then read on.

The LASIK population in Japan has been increasing every year since 2000 and has become very popular. In Japan, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare approved the excimer laser in 2000. Over 1,400,000 procedures have been performed in Japan.

Kobe clinic and Kanagawa Eye Clinic provide LASIK vision-treatment services and are becoming two of the most popular places for both Japanese and foreign residents to receive treatment. The clinics have 9 facilities nationwide and are members of the ”Ryohokai Group” the largest professional LASIK medical corporation in Japan.

When you visit a Kobe clinic you will be greeted by an iLASIK Consultant. A lot of foreign residents in Japan visit for eye surgery and vision correction, and she has the job of explaining the process and what is involved, while answering any questions they might have and generally making them feel comfortable.

Kobe clinic and Kanagawa Eye Clinic provide the best services while using the latest medical technologies. AMO (Abbott Medical Optics, Inc.) has unified the world’s best medical technologies to offer the safest and highest quality of Laser Vision Correction. In December 2006, the US Dept. of Defense approved iLASIK as the only vision correction treatment for their fighter pilots. NASA approved iLASIK for their astronauts in September, 2007.

Kobe Clinic was the first clinic to begin performing iLASIK in Japan and has performed the highest number of iLASIK procedures. In addition, related procedures such as PRK and Epi-LASIK treatments are also provided.

Kobe Clinic offers a “Long-Term Follow-Up Program” to support customers and help them to experience the enduring rewards and happiness of vision correction.

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Kanagawa Eye Clinic first opened 10 years ago and in that time, it has handled 270,000 procedures, among one of the highest for any clinic in Japan. Kanagawa  Eye Clinic provides reasonably-priced LASIK (80,000 yen) to high-quality iLASIK depending on the patient’s needs and lifestyle.

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Other Locations

In Tokyo, Kobe Clinic is located in Hiroo (near Ebisu stn), which a lot of foreigners will know as a popular residential area and hangout. At the facility in Shinjuku, Kanagawa Eye Clinic provides various kinds of services, depending on your needs and lifestyle. Both of the Tokyo locations provide full English guidance and information at every step of the way.

For people who are living outside of Tokyo, they also have facilities in Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka and Kokura.

If you have any plans to leave Japan soon, they can help you by providing information for post-operative eye exams in your home country.

Feel free to make an appointment for a FREE eye exam and consultation by contacting Tatiana (one of their foreign staffers):

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