Japan Earthquake – Wednesday Updates (1909)

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Like the previous 2 days, we are scanning the Japanese and English language web for updates that we feel to be the most trustworthy and relevant. When we are confident that the info is correct, it will be updated here. Things may change according to ongoing events. If you have any additional information, feel free to add it in the comments or mail blog@gaijinpot.com.

Japan Mobile Network Quake Repairs

Japanese operators are running full emergency mode to repair infrastructure damage and deploy mobile cell sites.

(Via Wireless Watch Japan)

Helicopter operation aborted for now

Due to radiation levels and weather conditions the government has decided to abort a planned operation to drop collant and other chemicals from helicopters over the nuclear site in Fukushima.

(NHK World)

Comments from U.S. Embassy and British Chamber of Commerce on radiation danger to Tokyo

We understand that many of you are anxious and have questions in the shadow of the Fukushima emergency, since we are in the midst of a complex, constantly changing, and unpredictable situation. In this fluid situation, our commitment to our citizens is to accumulate accurate information and assess it sufficiently in order to make important judgments.

(via Japan Today)

Emperor addresses the nation

Japanese Emperor Akihito has thanked those involved in disaster relief help after his country’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, including foreign governments.

(via Yahoo! News)

Fukushima plant update

NHK is now reporting that health concerns are severely hampering work on the nuclear reactors.  White smoke is coming out of the plant, the government assumes it to be radioactive.

(NHK World)


Lots of people are making inquiries about how they can help.  Time Out Tokyo has put together a good page, available at the link below.

Time Out Tokyo.

Radiation update

NHK has summaized the danger levels in Fukushima.  The British Embassy has posted this update for residents of Tokyo.

British Embassy Statement.

Earthquake hits Chiba

-5 on the Japanese scale earthquake hits.  Epicentre expected to be on the coast of Chiba.  The risk of tsunami has receded for the time being and damage evaluations are taking place.

Earthquake warning

Warning issued for a sudden, strong earthquake in Fukushima, Saitama, China, Tochigi and Ibaraki prefectures.

More from the Fukushima plant

NHK World is continuing coverage of a press conference that has featured officials from TEPCO and Japan`s Nuclear organization.  They have been explaining more about the situation – specifically, more on how the fires are being dealt with.

Watch here.

Economic update

NHK reporting that the Tokyo stock market showed signs of recovery in morning trading.  Stocks were being bought back and companies who could be involved in the clean up operation gr.

(NHK World)

Evacuation from Kanto

Reports came in yesterday that woman, children and a number of foreign residents have begun leaving Tokyo area.  Check advice from your embassy:


Fukushima Plant Situation

Today`s primary concern is the fire that begun on the no.4 reactor early in the morning.

(via Japan Today)

There has been unknown smoke blowing from out of the reactor all morning.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano has been holding a news conference.

(via NHK World)

Unknown cause of the fire.  No.4 reactor can not be cooled.  Government considering dropping liquid coolants from helicopters.


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