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During the earthquake and the immediate aftermath, social media sites, whether it was Twitter, Google’s crisis response page or other sources, were invaluable tools, both for discovering what was going on (especially in light of the international press reaction) or simply finding out how you can help.

This week you can expect to see further news come out of Fukushima, plus rolling blackouts in the Kanto region and a number of ways in which you can help or simply access info about what is going on post-quake / tsunami.

Here are a few to help:

Series of Posters to encourage energy saving

Add them to your office, workplace or apartment building to help spread the word!


GPS Map of Blackout zones:

A Google Maps mash-up created by a group of Japanese developers to help you find out when your current location will subject to TEPCO’s rolling power cuts. Works on PC, Android and iPhone.

Link (via AsiaJin)

Tokyo power usage monitoring

There have been mixed messages going around regarding the power blackouts in the Kanto region. This is mostly because it has been difficult for TEPCO to predict accurate energy use as various campaigns encourage people to save and some businesses remain closed. Yahoo! Japan is hosting a near-real time graph to show you how much energy is being used by which group.

Yahoo! Japan Setsuden

Reading of environmental radioactivity level by prefecture, Time series data

This one comes from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.


Todoke: Request companies to send relief goods

Todoke! is here to find out what is most needed in the stricken areas and bring our voices together as a collective.  They are appealing to many leading companies to send their specialised goods to the devastated areas.

They are NOT here to encourage individual support as this could distract those affected and hinder the rescue teams.

Link (via AsiaJin)

Give Me + Want You

A system engineer in Tokyo has developed these web apps, which show you statistics of what relief goods are needed in each part of the stricken regions. Japanese only.

Give Me Link + Want you (via AsiaJin)

Japan earthquake: Lost and found

A website set up to help reunite survivors of the earthquake in Japan with their lost belongings, uses algorithms and categorisation to link lost and found items posted on the site.

Link (via BBC)

Train Operation in Tokyo Metropolitan area (as of Tue 3/22)


Tokyo Metro









(via Facebook)

Travel information by phone

For overseas visitors traveling in Japan, the Japan National Tourism Organization provides live 24 hour travel information by phone: 03-3201-3331

Room Donation

Roomdonor. jp, Roommate Cafe, Sparkrelief and Roomshare Japan are all running appeals to people who have spare apartments or individual room space to help house those forced to evacuate.

(via Asia Jin)

Even more

Did we miss some? Probably – people from all walks of life in Japan are getting involved and there are new tools popping up all of the time. We will likely run a part 2 to this piece soon. If there is something you would like us to include, send a quick note to

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