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With the importance that people place on the look and image of everyone and everything in Japan, it’s no wonder that the packaging and advertising industries in the country spare no expense to ensure their goods are presented in the best possible way. Cues are taken everywhere from styles and themes we have seen in Europe and the US to traditional Japanese aesthetics.

The visually pleasing, impacting and innovative creations of product packaging in Japan are part of the experience of owning the product – be it an expensive electronic device or cheap candy picked up at a tourist spot. Of course, as with many things these days, there are those who complain – some see it as wasteful, uneconomical and pointless given that much of the packaging ends up in the trash – however, with some of the images below, there is no denying the work that has gone into the area.

The best of the best in the area, that is, the winners of the Japan Package Design Awards 2011, have been on display to the public in the upmarket Matsuya department store in Ginza recently and JapanTrends caught some of the action.

See more of the best, by clicking here.



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