Wanna learn Japanese slang on your iPhone? Check out JAPOW!

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Cocone Corp has released a funny Japanese app – JAPOW! (for iPhone/iPod touch/English ver.)

JAPOW! introduces unique words and customs for foreign people who are learning Japanese and interested in Japan, and by using comical pictures, explains over 100 Japanese things that Japanese people think are difficult for foreign people to understand.


japow app


Let’s see some contents that you can learn from JAPOW!

  • “Icha icha,” also referred to as “Rabu Rabu” (love love), means to act lovey-dovey in public. Acting ”icha icha” in public is not a big deal in Western countries. However, in Japan, acting “icha icha” in public makes some people uncomfortable somehow.
  • “Hitome-bore”  means “love at first sight”, and also one of branded “rice” in Miyagi Prefecture which is very delicious!
  • The polite way to say “Ossan” is “Ojisan” and the more polite way to say “Ojisan” is “Ojisama”.

Also it is able to find Japanese people who passed out like this picture from drinking too much for drinking party for work, especially on Friday night. Drinking is part of work for Japanese companies.

Japanese slang

Also you can make native Japanese friends through JAPOW!

JAPOW! has a BBS called CocoBoard where Japanese people who are learning English and foreign people who are learning Japanese can communicate, asking questions about Japan, and so on.

▼ iTunesStore (Free app for a limited time)


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