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Ameba is a hugely popular Japanese blogging and social network site used by many Japanese idols, models and comedians, as well as ordinary people.

Here is an  introduction to some of the fun contents of Ameba.


Blogs are, of course, the main appeal — you can write blogs and look at other users’ blogs. One unique characteristic of Ameba is that many Japanese idols (for example, AKB48), models, and comedians use it. Japanese enjoy using the same blog service as their favorite TV stars.

Blog Skin Designs

You can choose your blog skin design from about 200 kinds. There are not only standard skins such as images of landscapes and animals, flower prints, simple color tones, but also skin designs produced by famous people in Japan, popular characters’ skin designs, and unique Japanese prints.

Find your favorite blog skin design and enjoy writing blogs!

Blog Skin Design

 Blog-neta (Blog contents)

If you do not have anything to write about, the Blog-neta (Blog contents) system can help you. It can get you started with questions such as “What is your least favorite animal?” and “What is your favorite fast food?” Also, you can look at other users’ articles from Blog-neta content and they can look at your articles from Blog-neta content, so it is a good way to enjoy reading other people’s opinions about the same Blog-neta content and expand your blog readership.

Another advantage is that if you write blogs from Blog-neta content many times, you can get Ame-gold with which you can buy things in Ameba such as clothes and furniture in Ameba Pigg (see below).
Ranking/Access Kaiseki (Analysis)

You can join in the daily blog access ranking. Choose two categories of ranking which match your blog goals. For example, if you like to write blogs introducing restaurants in Tokyo, then you would probably choose “Gourmet” and “city life” categories.

Furthermore, you can check the access numbers to your blog on Access Kaiseki (Analysis). This helps you find out number of people accessing your blog, whether it is on a PC or mobile site, and what search words readers access.

Ranking/Access Kaiseki (Analysis) is good to use if you use blogs especially for promoting, advertising and PR.


Amember is “Friends list” in Facebook. If you have friends in Ameba or become friends with somebody in Ameba, why don’t you add them as an Amember?

The benefit of Amember is that you can view and write articles which only Amembers can see, so it is good for privacy.


Grouppo is like “Groups” in Facebook. It’s for communicating with people who have the same hobbies and interests as you. If you want to have friends in Ameba, joining Grouppo is a good place to start.
Ameba Now

Ameba Now is like Twitter. You can tweet about not only your thoughts but also news articles in Ameba, and particular categories like Trends in Twitter. Also, you can choose a skin design for Ameba Now from 39 skin designs.

Ameba Pigg

Ameba Pigg is the most unique characteristic of Ameba. First of all, you make your own avatar and choose a room from three designs.You can buy an avatar’s clothing, accessories and interior goods at shops in Ameba Pigg with Ameba gold (virtual money) or tickets which you can get at the beginning or from a daily scratch lottery.

Ameba Pigg

 The main idea of Ameba Pigg is to communicate with people through avatars in many different virtual areas such as Asakusa, Shibuya and so on.



Ameba Pigg Communication

 Ameba Pigg gives users the chance to play many kinds of mini-games.

 Famous people appear in Ameba Pigg sometimes.

In addition, there are mini-games that only mobile phones and smart phones can play.

So if you are thinking to start blogging in Japan, why don’t you try Ameba?

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