Celery is most disliked vegetable among adults: survey

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Are you one of those people who now eats vegetables that you couldn’t stand when you were a kid? Remember? Your mom said they were good for you.

Or you might still dislike the same veges that you disliked as a kid. COBS ONLINE conducted a survey and got responses from 871 people.

 Q: Do you still dislike vegetables that you hated when you were a child?


So we see that about 40% never got over their childhood dislike of certain vegetables. What are those vegetables? Well, an earlier story on GaijinPot showed that children disliked eggplants and bell peppers the most. See the story “Eggplant most hated vegetable among kids“.

However, the adults who responded to the survey nominated different vegetables as their most disliked.

 Q: What vegetables do you still hate?

 No.1: Celery (36.1%)


No.2: Bitter melon or gourd (20.1%)

Bitter Melon

No.3: Tomatoes (15.2%)


No.4: Bell peppers (12.5%)

Bell Pepper

No.5: Okra (10.5%)


No.6: Eggplant (9.0%)


No.7: Carrots/Cucumbers (6.1%)



No8: Broccoli (5.5%)


No. 9: Garlic chives (4.1%)

Garlic chives

The most hated vegetables among adults are celery and bitter melons which are bitter and have a strong taste. It seems surprising that there are many people who hate tomatoes.

Other disliked vegetables not in the top 9 are shiitake, green peas, cauliflower, pumpkin, coriander, white asparagus and mulukhiyah.

Some of the survey respondents related the following experiences.

“When I went to a restaurant with coworkers, my boss recommended that I eat sticky okra salad and I couldn’t say no. I forced myself to eat it and then I got sick.” (23-year-old woman)

“My boyfriend loves garlic chives but I hate them, so it’s a problem when we go out to eat.” (24-year-old woman)

“I work at a vegetable store, but I couldn’t tell you what a tomato tastes like.” (23-year-old woman)

“I don’t like mushrooms, but someone is always trying to convince me that they are very tasty.” (23-year-old woman)

“Some people make me eat vegetables I don’t like, knowing I don’t like them,  just to amuse themselves.” (27-year-old woman)

So if you are in a situation where you have to eat vegetables you don’t like, is there any way to make the taste palatable? Yes, says one of the survey respondents.

“Use mayonnaise or anything that will help remove or ‘cover up’ the original taste and it will be easier to eat.”


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