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This CG animation “Fruity Samurai” was created by “Happy project” and won the award for excellence in the general category at the Tokyo Anime Awards 2011.

“Fruity Samurai” was exhibited at last week’s Tokyo International Anime Festival 2011, too, and it is very popular among not only Japanese but also foreigners.

The characters, who have pieces of fruit as their heads, don’t speak. Their action can be understood by everyone all over the world.

There have been three episodes so far.

 The 1st episode 

 The 2nd episode 

 The 3rd episode

If you want to see more detailed information, visit the “Fruity Samurai Official Website” or click “Like” on “Fruity Samurai Official facebook Page“.

 Also, Kiminori Tanoue, a member of Happy Project, made a parody of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” featuring the Fruity Samurai characters acting and dancing.

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