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GaijinPot has previously covered how sending money out of Japan to foreign countries has become very convenient thanks to Seven Bank, which started an overseas money transfer service with Western Union.  We also spoke with Mari Nihei and about how customers can use the Internet/mobile banking network to send money anytime 24 hours a day.


Seven Bank ATMs are at about 16,000 locations nationwide. You can send money to more than 400,000 locations in about 200 countries. Folks can send 10,000 yen for only 990 yen and 50,000 yen for only 1,500 yen, with no payment due on the receiving end.

There is no shortage of options for when it comes to sending money, which means whatever your reasons (regular payments, Christmas presents or emergency transfer), there is a way to do it.

Here we visit one of the branch outlets.

After you have entered your PIN and are ready to use the service, simply choose the name of the person you wish to receive the funds, enter the amount and everything else will be handled automatically. It’s all done in a matter of minutes.

The network of five stores in the Kanto area and ATM machines located throughout Japan solve the location problem and Western Union solves the pricing issue.

In many suburban areas, the Seven Bank service is important to foreign residents who no longer have to make the trek all the way into the city center to find a bank that can transfer money overseas, like they used to.

One major shopping center which gets a lot of foreign customers is Ito Yokado Alio near Nishi-Arai Station in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward. The mall is a short walk from the west exit of the station. The Seven Bank corner is brightly lit and very inviting to foreigners with a bunch of newspapers and free magazines around.


Meet Michiru Toyama, acting chief of Seven Bank’s Ito Yokado Alio branch. If you drop by, she might be one of the helpful ladies who will assist your money in getting where it needs to go. As she points out, non-Japanese customers are stopping by everyday, so it is something they are used to. You are not going to get any embarrassing silences or questions about your Japanese level when inquiring here (staff speak English and Japanese).

Usual questions sent her way are to help folks understand the basic money transfer service. How much it is and how long it takes to register etc.

It is worth mentioning again that there is no fee to create a Seven Bank ATM card, but you need to wait about a week to receive a cash card by mail. After that, you’re ready to start using the service.


One of the benefits of visiting a branch office is that the attendant will help you with the registration procedure. You simply give the Seven Bank attendant the relevant information and it will be typed in for you. Then at the end, all you need do is sign the form.

For more information on Seven Bank’s money transfer service, visit http://www.sevenbank.co.jp/soukin/en/

Or phone 0120-93-7711 (English) / 0120-77-1179 (Japanese)


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